our Mission
Our Purpose: To protect and improve Wimbledon Town Centre

​Our Values

  • Communication – share information about major developments in Wimbledon Town Centre with residents
  • Representation – providing a strong voice for local people in local decision making
  • Design – placing importance on high quality design; combining the new with the best of the old
  • Character – fostering a distinctive and appropriate character for the future of the town centre 
  • Balance – striving for a vibrant community where residents, businesses and visitors can thrive together

Our Approach


  • Changes in planning law and policy at national and local level
  • Specific development proposals and planning applications as they may relate to Wimbledon Town Centre
  • Other issues of relevance e.g. Heathrow 


  • Encourage local residents to engage with important local issues
  • Meet with developers, the local authority and elected representatives

Collaborate and Influence

  • Work with other residents and groups with a shared interest 

why was the friends of wimbledon town centre formed?

In December 2015, a small group of Wimbledon residents met and took action to promote awareness of the proposal to construct Crossrail 2, with its southern hub in Wimbledon.

We want to provide a voice for the local community in addressing issues about this proposed major development, which has significant implications for the town and the local community should it proceed.  Our aim is to keep local people informed of proposals, so that they may participate in consultations.

Whether or not Crossrail 2 goes ahead, we need to preserve and protect the character of Wimbledon town centre and the area around it.  Equally, we are keen that the many thriving local businesses continue trading with minimum disruption, to maintain the vibrancy of the town centre.  We monitor and report on the progress in the Wimbledon Masterplan, which is the Local Council’s emerging plan for the development of the town centre. 

We post the latest news about these projects on these pages and encourage residents to respond to any consultations. You can receive news directly from us, by email, if you send us your contact details.  Use the link to our 'Become a Friend' page.

Latterly, we have also taken a close interest in the proposed closure of Wimbledon Police Station, which we fear will lead to the sale of the property to a developer who will wish to build on the site in a way that is unsympathetic to the character of the local area. 


​Join us, by becoming a Friend of Wimbledon Town Centre, so that we can keep you informed. Do keep visiting these pages for the latest news and updates affecting Wimbledon.  Information here should help you to formulate your response to consultations as and when they arise.

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