Crossrail 2

2015: Public consultation (closed 8 January 2016)
Jan 2015: LBM’s response
Spring 2016: Government funding commitment for Crossrail 2 scheme development in the Budget
2016: Options testing – including alternative options for Wimbledon Station
2017: Business Plan refinement and further consultation; TfL/CR2 currently awaits government approval of the Business Plan, upon which future developments are contingent​

The proposed next steps from the Crossrail 2 website are:

2017: Further development, option testing and analysis. Public consultation on preferred route and safeguarding

2018: Ongoing analysis of feedback received during public consultations, single preferred option is finalised, development of funding package

2020: Submit application to Parliament to build Crossrail 2

Early 2020s – early 2030s: Construct and test Crossrail 2

Early 2030s: Crossrail 2 opens to the public.

Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre
Timeline and process

As we find out more about the process and any useful dates we will share them with you.  

Whilst Crossrail 2 and Merton Council's Masterplan are both long-term projects, both will involve community consultation throughout 2017. 

We show below and right the timeline for the two projects, set out as accurately as possible on the basis of available information and some delay caused by a variety of events in the political arena:

Merton Council’s Future Wimbledon Masterplan

  • February 2017: Stage 1 workshops – setting out the issues, listening to residents' views/ideas/concerns
  • Spring 2017: Stage 2 – emerging options for the masterplan; a full report on the three workshops was expected for consultation at the end of April.
  • Summer/Autumn 2017: Stage 3 - the draft masterplan (incorporating Crossrail 2 details as far as they are available at that point)
  • Dates to be confirmed 2017: Formal consultation on the draft masterplan
  • Spring/Summer 2018: LBM expects to adopt masterplan as planning policy

Merton Council’s Borough Character Study
The council’s urban design team will progress the Wimbledon Town section of the Borough Character Study. This will be published online for comment and to influence planning applications early 2017.