Crossrail 2

2015: Public consultation (closed 8 January 2016).

Jan 2015: LBM’s response

Spring 2016: Government funding commitment for Crossrail 2 scheme development in the Budget.

2016: Options testing – including alternative options for Wimbledon Station.  Merton Council has a preferred route through Wimbledon for CR2 (details have not been published).

2017: Further development of funding package, option testing and analysis.

2018-2020: Route-wide public consultation on preferred route and safeguarding. Ongoing analysis of feedback received during public consultations and further engagement to finalise a single preferred option; continuing development of funding package.

2020: Submit application to Parliament to build Crossrail 2.

Early 2020s – early 2030s: Construct and test Crossrail 2.

Early 2030s: Crossrail 2 opens to the public.

Timeline and Process

As we find out more about the process and any useful dates we will share them with you.  

Crossrail 2 and Merton Council's Masterplan are both long-term projects.  During 2017, we saw both delayed. Previously, there was a clear time-line for the two developments, but all the dates have slipped and it is now unclear what the target-dates are for various stages.

We show below and right as much as we currently can of the timeline for the two projects, set out on the basis of available information:

Merton Council’s Future Wimbledon Masterplan

  • February 2017: Stage 1 workshops took place– setting out the issues, listening to residents' views/ideas/concerns. 
  • Spring/Summer 2017: The Council published Masterplan Workshops – Headline Feedback and Masterplan Priorities – Your Top 10 Ideas for Wimbledon.
  • Summer/Autumn 2017: the draft Masterplan was not published as planned, but on the Council’s website, there are three documents with more information about the Masterplan Workshops: Future Wimbledon Masterplan – Workshop Results September 2017, Workshops 1-2-3 – Ideas Summary and Workshops 1-2-3 – Issues Summary.  You can find these documents at
  • Dates to be confirmed for 2018 and beyond: We await information about the production of the first draft of the Masterplan, public consultation upon it and ultimately the adoption Masterplan as planning policy.

Merton Council’s Local Plan
The Council has launched a consultation on a new Local Plan for the Borough.  This includes a Wimbledon-specific questionnaire.  Follow the link below to take part in the consultation:, which closes on 8th January 2018.

Elsewhere on our website you can read our email to our Friends that includes some points you may wish to raise in your response: click here for Crossrail 2 update and opportunity to influence Merton Local Plan .

The new London Plan has been published for consultation.  It includes proposals (some potentially dramatic and possibly negative) for Wimbledon:

It is anticipated that the new London Plan will be adopted in Autumn 2019. All comments must be received by 5 pm on Friday 2 March 2018.​

Merton Council’s Character Study
The Council’s urban design team will progress the Wimbledon Town section of the Borough Character Study. This was to have been published online for comment and to influence planning applications early 2017.  Work on the Character Study has been delayed.

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