Voting on 5th May? Read the parties’ policies for Wimbledon

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Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre recently asked the main political parties standing in the local elections here in Merton for their views on:

Their vision for the town centre
Enhancing our streets and public spaces
Planning policies and how they reflect local views
Promoting a greater diversity of retail outlets

The Conservatives, Greens, Labour and Liberal Democrats all responded, and we have decided to share their responses in full in the links to each topic above. We are very grateful to them for taking the time.

The answers highlight some important differences in their views on tall buildings, heritage, the arts, traffic, and sustainability, as well as how to revitalise the town centre.

The Council is currently controlled by Labour councillors and all three opposition parties express their opposition to the 53m high development at St George’s House East which recently received approval. This, we know, is a topic that has been of concern to many of our email subscribers.

The elections take place on Thursday 5 May and some of you may already have received your postal ballot. If you’re still deciding who to vote for, then please have a read.