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Crossrail 2 news: January 2018

Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) have announced the start of an Independent Affordability Review to examine ways of making the Crossrail 2 project more affordable.

Mike Gerrard, the former managing director of Thames Tideway Tunnel, has been appointed to chair the review. He will lead an expert panel looking at the scope of the project, the phasing of expenditure, options for additional funding sources beyond those already proposed, and other relevant financial aspects.

The review will submit an interim report to the DfT and TfL this summer, outlining options as to how the project could be made more affordable. A more detailed final report will be submitted later, building on the recommendations made in the interim report.

When the outcome of the review is known, Crossrail 2 intends to make a statement about next steps, including plans for the resumption of formal public consultation.

A note regarding property safeguarding
latest Crossrail 2 news: MARCH 2018

We have learned that the business case for Crossrail 2 (CR2), submitted to Government last year, is to be the subject of an independent financial review. The review will check that the business case is sufficiently robust and covers all relevant issues, as well as answering the question about who amongst the stakeholders should contribute to the cost.
This independent financial review has not yet started. Until it is completed (and, presumably, endorses the CR2 business case), Crossrail 2 is unable to consult on any new proposals.
During this delay, the CR2 design team is reconsidering some of the issues raised during the last consultation, including the impact of the project on the centre of Wimbledon.

Crossrail 2 wants to hear from people who are concerned about safeguarding directions which affect some properties in the areas near the railway construction sites.  There may be implications for planning applications or the sale of such properties.  There is information on the following page of CR2's website: and you can write to:
The Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre can help you to get in touch to raise safeguarding queries - contact us by email at: