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Crossrail 2 news: January 2018

We reported in March (see below) that Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) had announced the start of an Independent Affordability Review to examine ways of making the Crossrail 2 project more affordable.
This review is now under way and recommendations are expected later in the Summer.
The review will almost certainly mean revisions to the business case for Crossrail 2 and then further consideration by the Government. Realistically therefore, the earliest possible date for a fresh public consultation is January 2019.
A local tax?
One idea which has been mooted in the media, to raise funds for Crossrail 2, is to levy a tax on homes near the new route, reflecting the likely increase in land values.
The CR2 team does not deny this is one of many fundraising suggestions under consideration but acknowledges that no mechanism currently exists to levy such a tax. It could equally be argued that local communities should be financially compensated for the noise and disruption to be caused by building Crossrail 2.Type your paragraph here.

Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) have announced the start of an Independent Affordability Review to examine ways of making the Crossrail 2 project more affordable.

Mike Gerrard, the former managing director of Thames Tideway Tunnel, has been appointed to chair the review. He will lead an expert panel looking at the scope of the project, the phasing of expenditure, options for additional funding sources beyond those already proposed, and other relevant financial aspects.

The review will submit an interim report to the DfT and TfL this summer, outlining options as to how the project could be made more affordable. A more detailed final report will be submitted later, building on the recommendations made in the interim report.

When the outcome of the review is known, Crossrail 2 intends to make a statement about next steps, including plans for the resumption of formal public consultation.

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latest Crossrail 2 news: june 2018
Crossrail 2 news: MARCH 2018

We have learned that the business case for Crossrail 2 (CR2), submitted to Government last year, is to be the subject of an independent financial review. The review will check that the business case is sufficiently robust and covers all relevant issues, as well as answering the question about who amongst the stakeholders should contribute to the cost.
This independent financial review has not yet started. Until it is completed (and, presumably, endorses the CR2 business case), Crossrail 2 is unable to consult on any new proposals.
During this delay, the CR2 design team is reconsidering some of the issues raised during the last consultation, including the impact of the project on the centre of Wimbledon.

A further issue for some people living close to the proposed route is the potential difficulty of selling their home or obtaining planning permission.
If you think your property could be adversely affected by the new railway, or you have already experienced difficulties, you can find out more by entering your postcode on the Safeguarding page of the Crossrail 2 website here and you can email Crossrail 2 direct at The Crossrail 2 team cannot resolve the uncertainty but can use any information received to build its evidence base about the impact of the Safeguarding Directions.
If you would be happy to cc Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre into your email, then we will collect the information too. We would, of course, keep this strictly confidential but we may be able to use generic evidence of problems encountered by Friends in representations we make to members of the Council and other bodies. 
The Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre can help you to get in touch to raise safeguarding queries - contact us by email at: