We organised a meeting to raise awareness of these plans among our neighbours on 7th January 2016 and were overwhelmed by the response when over 450 people turned up. There was a common view among residents at the meeting that the proposals from Crossrail 2 were not acceptable.​

what has happened since 2016?

​Crossrail 2 has been working on a revised project plan, taking account of the many comments and suggestions received from local residents and experts, including people who live here or work here who were informed by Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre about the consultation.  Along with Chelsea, Wimbledon was a ‘hot spot’ on the map of responses to the 2015-2016 consultation – Crossrail 2 received a clear message about our concerns.

​The new plan has been under intense scrutiny by the Mayor of London and central Government for some time, with particular focus on how this major project should be funded. As at December 2017, we await a final decision from Government on whether and when Crossrail 2 will proceed.​

About Crossrail 2

Crossrail 2 is a proposed new high-speed railway, with 30 trains per hour serving London and the wider South East with a major hub station at Wimbledon.

To deliver this, significant works will need to be carried out in the town centre and surrounding areas. If the plans go ahead as set out in the 2015/2016 Crossrail 2 consultation, much of our town centre would be destroyed and might never recover.

In Autumn 2015 Crossrail 2 proposed:

  •   Four new train platforms replacing the tram stop and Centre Court. 
  •   A major Crossrail station entrance on Queens Road.
  •   A bridge joining Alexandra Road to Queens Road.
  •   Many buildings around the station knocked down.
  •   Trams moved above ground on to Wimbledon Bridge. 

This would mean: 

  • 11 years of building works at and around the station. 
  • Over 60% of Centre Court lost and many other shops, amenities and businesses closed.
  • Traffic chaos.
  • Fewer trains to Waterloo (10-12 an hour instead of 18).
  • And, the loss of 5,000 jobs in Wimbledon.
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