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What we want to achieve

To give power and opportunity to residents and the wider community to express their views in order to make meaningful input into debate on issues that affect Wimbledon

Wimbledon planning NEWS


A proposed new railway serving London and the wider South East with a major new station at Wimbledon. 

As currently planned, the project would see much of Wimbledon Town Centre destroyed, the loss of thousands of local jobs and a decade or more of major building works and traffic chaos.


The timeline for this project has changed frequently, with cost the major factor behind a series of delays. The whole Crossrail 2 project is now the subject of an Independent Affordability Review, looking at ways of further reducing costs. Interim findings are due summer 2018.

About Merton Council's Masterplan

Merton Council is going to develop a Masterplan outlining its long term vision for Wimbledon.